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10 Highly Effective at Home full-body workouts

Strengthening your abs has numerous benefits besides giving you a toned look.

If you are a person who wants to improve his posture, balancing capabilities, and also the ability to stand in front of a desk for a long time, then you should focus on building your abs.

The good news is that you do not need to join a gym for this purpose because you can quickly build your core by just following this article.

Before jumping right into ab workouts, you should know that you have to perform these exercises at least two or three times per week for better results.

1. Heel Tap Workout At Home

The heel tap is the most effective and one of the accessible ab workouts at home. You do not have to put much effort into accomplishing it at home.

You only need to lie down on your back with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet elevated. Then you

have to stretch one of your legs to touch the ground and take it back to the beginning position. After the first leg, repeat the same procedure for the second leg.

It would help if you repeated 10 times on each leg for 20 rounds. The heel tap workout is easy for your lower ab muscles, even without a trainer at home. It has also been proven helpful for beginners.

2. Russian Effective Twist Workout At Home

People who want to ensure flexibility in their bodies at home should try the Russian twist workout. It is a fantastic exercise for bringing flexibility to your back.

For the Russian twist, you must sit straight with your knees bent and your feet precisely in front of you. Then you have to raise your feet off the ground roughly a foot and concentrate on your core.

Now you have to completely twist your upper side of the body to one side while keeping your feet in front of you simultaneously. Then twist your upper body to the other side and keep your legs in front of you. After this, you must repeat these moves for about 10 reps on each side.

Although your workout is considered complete at this stage, if you want to make it more effective, you should hold a dumbbell in your hands. And it would help if you kept in mind that as this workout is for flexibility, it mainly focuses on your oblique muscles.

3. High Knee Tap Workout While Standing

If you are among those who want to build their core while doing effective workouts at home, you should do the hands-to-knees workout. This workout is influential for activating your lower ab muscles.

Start this exercise at home. You must stand up straight and lift your hands above your head, even without a trainer.

You must lower your hands while bringing your knee to the upper side to meet your arms.

You should do about 10 repetitions on each side of the knee and then the other side. Meanwhile, holding either a ball or a dumbbell is recommended for better practice. Now it is all completed.

4. Effective Workout Of Lowering Legs - Leg Lowers

Another most accessible and helpful exercise for activating your core is the lowering legs workout. So all you need is to lie straight on the floor and raise your legs to an approximately 90-degree angle, so the legs are straight and directly aloft your head.

Now you have to slowly lower your legs to about 4 to 5 inches to be still poised in the air. Hold your legs for approximately ten seconds, then bring them back to the 90-degree position.

We advise you to keep your back flat when lowering your legs. And it would help if you lowered your legs to the position until you feel like your core has started activating. You have to repeat this move for 10 repetitions and then complete it.

5. Side Plank Workout At Home

To be honest, this workout requires you to have good balancing capabilities. So it means you can do it successfully only when you are sure enough to balance your body to good levels at the beginning. It has been proven helpful for the oblique muscles.

First, you must put one of your elbows directly below your body and then put your body into the side plank condition. After this, you have to slightly lower your hip to ensure that your body is just hovering below the ground and then go back to the side plank position with the help of your core.

Try to lower your front knee to reduce the pressure exerted on your body at that position. Then you should repeat these moves on a single side for about 10 repetitions and then change the side and repeat the same procedure.

6. Effective Half Situp Workout At Home

The upper abs can be maintained through the half-situp workout while successfully doing it yourself. It is one of my favorite and easiest exercises to do at home by just following these steps.

All you need is to sit up straight on the floor and bend your knees. In this position, keep your back straight and your feet precisely in front of you. After this, you have to slowly lower down back to about 4 to 5 inches away from your upper body side. Hold this position for approximately 10 seconds.

You must return to the starting position and repeat the same method for 10 minutes. We advise you to keep your legs closer to your body to make this workout more manageable and effective.

7. Effective Standing Oblique Crunch Workout

You don't need to be worried about the standard crunches if you follow this fat-burning workout at home. It is very effective for avoiding crunches by focusing on the oblique muscles.

First, you have to stand completely straight with your legs apart from each other and stoop into a split-legged squat. Then you have to bring your hands to the back of your head.

You have to bring down the upper side of your body and your hands to one knee and then follow the exact method for the other upper side of the body. It would be best to repeat this exercise 10 times on each side. The oblique crunch workout has helped many people, specifically those who suffer from traditional crunches.

8. Beast Hold With Shoulder Taps Workout

While doing this workout at home, it is recommended to engross your core while keeping your back flat for an effective workout of your total score. It would be ideal if you could also remember to keep switching your arms.

So firstly, you should get on your four and then raise your shins and knees slightly above the ground. In this position, keep your back completely straight or flat. After this, tap your right hand on your left shoulder and bring it back to the ground. Then you have to tap your left hand on your right shoulder and then bring it back to the ground.

You should do about 10 repetitions on each side. While doing this workout, do not forget to keep your knees and shins hovering above the ground.

9. Ab Tuck Crunch Workout

The ab tuck workout improves these muscles while differentiating your workout and preventing monotony.

For this workout, you must lie straight on the floor and bring your hands to the back of your head. At this position, fold your knees into your chest. You must stretch your legs about a foot above the ground and hold the position for a few seconds.

After this, you have to return to the beginning position and then repeat this exercise for ten minutes. This way, your upper and lower abs will activate through this tuck crunch workout.

10. Effective Bird Dog Workout At Home

Before jumping into the procedure of this workout, it is essential to keep your back straight throughout the process.

Accordingly, get on your hands and legs directly above the floor. Then raise your right in a position directly straight to your body. Now you have to lift your left leg to achieve a parallel position concerning your hip.

Now bend your right, lift an arm to a 90-degree angle, and return it to the initial position after holding it for a few seconds. It would help if you repeated this movement about ten times on each side for the excellent efficiency of your total score.


Consequently, this was our article about the ab workouts to do at home without a trainer. The ab workouts prove effective for improving your balance and posture and also avoiding any injuries which may occur due to any sports activity. In short, you should follow the above most accessible workouts for improving your core.


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