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  • What drinks are good for weight-loss?
    All of our cold-pressed juices when combined with wholesome food and exercise can aid in weight loss. But we recommend the Grapefruit Madness, So Cal, Papayacito, Beets me, Mint Green, Hulk Smash, C.O & BCA.
  • What drinks are good for Gut health?
    So Cal, Grapefruit Madness, Green Cleanse, Papayacito, Beets me, BCA, Golden Sweetie Beetie, Min'T Green and Dr Verde
  • What drinks are good for cold or flu symptoms?
    For great natural home remedy to help get rid of a common cold we recommend our Flu Detox Kit. Visit our menu tab under Detox packages to learn more information.
  • What drinks are good for kids
    At LivMor we understand it can be tough to have your children eat their vegetables. This is why we wide variety of vegetables and fruit in our drinks with different colors that's taste amazing which is perfect. The C.O, Grapefruit Madness, Papayacito, Beets me, Golden Sweetie Beetie, So Cal, Watermelon Blast, Paradise N LA, Blood Cleanse, and Greens Cleanse all don't contain ginger so there is no spice flavor in the drink. Making it easier and enjoyable for your children to drink fresh cold-pressed juice!
  • What drinks help with Detoxing?
    All cold-pressed juices when taking 3-5 times a day with no soda, alcohol, fast food, or junk food along with 8 cups of water will help your body detox. Depending on your specific goals we have different packages you can choose from in our Detox Package menu on the home screen right corner tab.
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